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Show cocker spaniel puppies
We brought our first Cocker Spaniel in 2006  a golden bitch called Lola and were hooked from the beginging, they are the best breed you could ever want in every
way and although we were novicies and she didnt have the best pedigree in the
world we love her none the less.
A year later we got our Orange Roan bitch we called Marney, researched breeding
this amazing breed in a responsible and quality manner and became accredited breeders through the kennel club. 
We had all health tests done for her and found an amazing stud dog with health
testing and the pedigree to match, we only use throughly vetted stud dogs with
good backgrounds.
show cocker spaniels
One of our first pups from a litter of 7 orange roans.
Some of the pups from this litter have gone on to be
beautifully domed heads and those wonderful ears.
Rufus having his first christmas at his loving new
This litter has proven to be DNA clear of Pra and Fn through parenage.
sable cocker spanielOne of our pups from our second litter, sire is a sable
which is a new colour in the cocker spaniel world.
Maddie was kept by us and is amazing, the merry little
cocker that everyone wishes to have.
Maddie has now had all DNA tests and everything the assured breeder scheme stipulates and has also given birth to 6 little wonders. We are now taking bookings for viewings on this litter.
cocker spaniel puppies
Our puppies are socialised to a very high standard with lots of supervised visting children and are used to noises aswel and being carried around by them and hearing them make noise and run around, as children do.
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